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What is Holistic Practice?


  • caring for one's own well being (which includes body, mind, soul  and spirit)

  • appreciating and enhancing the well-being of the client with whom one is working

  • respecting the dignity and autonomy of both practitioner and client

  • possessing an ethical awareness of the wider impacts, consequences of the professional practice (social, cultural, institutional)

  • respecting the past, the present and the future

  • respecting the traditional ways and knowledges of all engaged

  • respecting the uniqueness of each human being

  • respecting both the oneness and diversity of humanity

  • possessing an openness to working collaboratively with other practitioners



We are professionals from a variety of areas, Law, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Counselling, Buisness, Academia and Psychology. Our areas of work and study have defined our practices to a large extent. Our life experiences, however, are constantly providing us with new understandings that indicate our lives include a sense of infinitness that is harder to define. This infiniteness has a sense of constant change, of limitlessness.  Our work experiences, applicable standards, and study largely define our practices. Ongoing life experiences provide continual new understandings and knowledge applicable to our areas of occupational pursuit.


We are brought together to create Holistic Practices Beyond Borders as a forum for connectedness, human and professional connectedness. We see ourselves as communication professionals.


Our audience includes service providers, students and the general public.  We have confidence in our message of holistic practices based on feedback, and the general rise of growth in many of the areas that we spotlight and support. We warmly welcome you to our website.



                              Our Mission

To promote a range of discussions, forums, training programs and workshops to increase awareness of the value for holistic practices within Australia and beyond.

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