Michelle Brenner

Fayez Nour

Holistic Practices Beyond Borders (HPBB) is a not-for-profit organisation. The mission of HPBB is to promote a range of discussions, forums, training programmes and workshops to increase awareness of the value of holistic practices within Australia and beyond.


Holistic practices are interdiscilplinary and reflexive ways of practising a profession.


"The tendency in the scientific age has been more and more toward specialisation. Thinking was broken down into separate "disciplines" by the end of the 20th century and now there is greater and greater specialisation in every discipline.....

Holism is not necessarily less scientific or reliable in its approach, its analysis of a total situation may be more reliable"


John Burton 1996 "Conflict Resolution. Its Language and Processes" p.29 The Scarecrow Press London. 


We invite you to surf through the pages of this website to find how our ideas may assist you to deliver more whole services within your chosen profession

Michelle Brenner -   www.mediate.com/people/personprofile.cfm?auid=1086


Fayez Nour -   www.discoveryourpotential.net,


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