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Conversations on Compassion series:

Compassion in Hard Terms


November 2014

in conjunction with Campion College



Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, son of a former Governor General of Australia, Sir Zelman Cowen OBM, has a dual background in secular and religious studies. He has a PhD in social philosophy and received Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Chaim Gutnick OBM in Australia and Rabbi S. Y. Cohen, the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Israel. Director, Institute for Judaism and Civilization. Honorary Fellow, Campion College



Compassion is a profoundly important quality of character, both individually and socially. Nevertheless, it is a concept which if left soft and ethically subjective can turn into its opposite, murder and violence. What in the shared ethics of thousands of years of ethical wisdom is compassion and what is not? What in "hard" terms, does compassion mean?

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