• Stress Balancing - the skills needed for stress balancing are the starting point for entering into a holistic paradigm.


  • Contextual Communication - once we move into holistic communication we include the awareness of culture being a social moral detector.


  • Interaction with Diversity Appreciation - This skill is found in recognising one word can have multiple meanings, one look can have multiple interpretations and there is uniquness that may hold something unknown. This skill is developed through curiosity.


  • Holistic Decision Making - The value of the Holistic Pardigm is in the connections between the mind, the body and the cultural/moral aspect of recognition, with the moral barometer hidden underneath. All of these become available for a fuller analysis in decision making.


  • Collaborative Practice  - This is borrowed from the legal profession. Collaborative Practice is more than a one stop shop, this is a cultural shift changing the way many clients and professionals practice the sourcing and delivery of services.

Holistic Skill Set

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