Compassion Focused Therapy

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Story Board for Audio

Story board for audio Conversations on Community Conversations with Paul Gilbert, James Kirby facilitated by Lisa A. Williams. Welcome to Country by Dominic WyKanak. Question by Rabbi Zalman Kastel and sum up by Dr Sonia Anderson.

Hosted by Holistic Practices Beyond Borders (H.P.B.B)

00.00 - 6.40     Welcome to Country by Waverley Council Deputy Mayor, Dominic WyKanak

 6.41 - 9.04      Acknowledgment and thanks to guests from Michelle Brenner H.P.B.B.

 9.04 - 10.40    Facilitator Dr Lisa Williams Social Psychologist, New South Wales University

            What is your working definition of Compassion?

10.41- 13.16               Dr Paul Gilbert founder of Compassion Focused Therapy Professor

13.17 -13.21                Dr Lisa Williams Directed to Dr James Kirby School of Psychology Queensland University –

Would you like to offer a different definition?

13.22 - 15.44               Dr James Kirby

15.45 - 16.53               Dr Lisa Williams –

Definition of Compassion From a Social Psychology Point of View

16.54 - 17.26               Dr Paul Gilbert – responding to this perspective.

17.27 - 17.47               Dr Lisa Williams – This sets an okay landscape from which to proceed.

            How did you come to incorporate Compassion into your research?

17.50 - 23.09               Dr Paul Gilbert

23.10 - 23.17               Dr Lisa Williams – directed to Dr James Kirby

            What is your personal or professional history with compassion research?

23.18 - 28.15               Dr James Kirby

28.16 - 28.53               Dr Lisa Williams –

            Can you talk a little about the dynamic between compassion to self and compassion to others, is it the same thing just switched to a different target or are you talking about something different?

28.55 - 31.36               Dr Paul Gilbert

31.38 - 33.24               Dr James Kirby

33.25 –34.00               Dr Lisa Williams –

            So are there other clinical diagnoses that have more to do with the self-compassion angle? Or yes and no? Which research is next? As you mentioned depression can be related to not letting in compassion to self.

34.01 - 36.30               Dr Paul Gilbert

36.32 – 37.20              Dr James Kirby

37.21 – 38.23              Dr Paul Gilbert

38.24 – 39.19              Dr James Kirby

39.20 – 40.36              Dr Lisa Williams –

            Compassion Fatigue – What does research actually say about Compassion Fatigue?

40.36 – 44.56              Dr Paul Gilbert

44.57 – 46.41              Dr James Kirby

46.42 - 47.58              Dr Paul Gilbert

47.59 - 49.30               Dr Lisa Williams –

            I would like to zoom out to the societal level, the idea that we  probably weren’t designed to witness the scale of suffering that we sometimes now do and frankly can’t avoid, What do we do about that?

49.31 – 51.40              Dr Paul Gilbert

51.41 - 53.02              Dr Lisa Williams

53.02 -  55.33              Dr James Kirby

55.34 - 56.42              Dr Lisa Williams –

            Paul Blum, a very well-known Psychologist has written a book called Against Empathy. The idea is that empathic processes can go wrong or be misused. So part of his argument is that we are often a bit selective to whom we are compassionate to, ..part of our group, some similarities to us…, and we turn that off for outgroups. From his point of you this is bad as ultimately we only help those suffering right here, leaving behind those others..suffering elsewhere. What do think about this idea?

56.43 – 1:2.36             Dr Paul Gilbert

1:2.37 -1:5.08              Dr James Kirby

1:5.08 - 1:6.02             Dr Lisa Williams – I work a bit with ‘over giving’ -

1: 6.02 – 1:7.42           Dr Paul Gilbert

1:7.42 -  1:8.01            Dr Lisa Williams –

            James. I know you have worked on developmental questions around compassion.. Can you give us a summary what we know about compassion, how it comes on line with kids, taught, learnt, if it’s not working, how we fix it?

1:8.02 – 1:14.33          Dr James Kirby


1:14.34 – 1:14.49        Dr Lisa Williams-

            So from the systems perspectives, the capacity for compassion and its giving is in place from birth? The systems are on line from birth?

1:14.50  - 1:16.03        Dr James Kirby

1:16.04 – 1:16.33        Dr Lisa Williams – questions to audience

1:16.49 – 1:24.04        Dr Paul Gilbert – How did caring behaviour evolve?

1:22.18 – 1:23.24        Rabbi Zaman Kastel – Director of Together For Humanity

                        What have you come across in terms of breaking down blockers to inter group compassion, and the other question is what do you see in terms of different ethnicities, different backgrounds in terms of compassion?

1:23.26 – 1:26.25        Dr Paul Gilbert

1:26.26 -1:30.48         Dr Sonia Anderson – H.P.B.B. sum up

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